Welcome to Fibre Wave Installations

With a focus on customer satisfaction, we are able to provide a wide range of Fibre Optic installations.

From planning through to installation and testing, we provide a one stop shop for all your cabling needs. Our mission is to provide high quality workmanship at a competitive price.

We can offer:
  • A complete Dark Fibre Network, Internal Fibre Optic Tie cables, between your Communication rooms, Terminated on SCAPC or LC panels of your choice.
  • Full OTDR test results showing you your wave length and DB status with the traces in PDF for you to keep.
  • All installs will come with a 3 year warranty and a 24hr 7 day week response service should you ever have a problem.
  • If you are considering having a Fibre Optic Line for super fast Broadband installed at your business/Building then why not take advantage of one of our hassle free stream line packages.
  • A universal 8 core Fibre Optic cable installed, from your Intake room/Basement, terminated on an enclosed wall mounted panel, up to your Communications room also terminated on either a wall mounted LC/SCAPC panel or a 1U CRaFT tray to slot into your cabinet with connectors of your choice.
  • This will give you a complete Circuit to enable you to choice your own service provider, being universal equipment all services on the market can use our kit with no issues.
  • Most Service providers will have a delay attached to the install due to a WAYLEAVE agreement between you and your Landlord, we can take all that strain away from you and have the install time cut down for you into Days and not months! We will get your WAYLEAVE agreement signed for you by your land lord and have the works completed in record time.
  • We can also liase with other tenants in your building should you have them to enable us to install the new Fibre through the riser cupboards, All information will be gathered at the time of the site survey so you will experience no extra visits or down time from your install.

If you are planning a new office, networking project, or upgrading your existing infrastructure, please get in touch and we can arrange a free of charge site survey.