• Structured Cabling (Cat5 and Cat6)
  • Fibre Optic cable (Single mode and Multi mode)
  • Blown fibre
  • Copper cable
  • Coaxial cable
  • Power cable
  • Sub ducting (single to quadruplex)



  • Splicing of small to large trunk cables (externally)
  • Head ends splicing
  • Main Distribution Centres, Business internal trays and wall mounted splice points, single mode and multi mode, all using the latest fusion splicing equipment


Testing & Maintenance

  • Fault finding and correct across any network and supply analysis
  • Maintenance on main rings and laterals
  • All patching work and connections in DN's' (digital nodes)
  • Long distance OTDR testing along with and chromatic dispersion testing
  • Tri Band testing @ 16.30, 15.50 and 13.10


Emergency Response Service

  • Emergency response service to identify and repair all types of fibre faults
  • A range of response services available, including our 2 hour on-site response package